Where your dreams become reality, and your opportunities are truly LIMITLESS.

Welcome to the world of Limitless Roleplay, We're a Whitelisted FiveM Community specializing in Roleplay!. We're a branch of Limitless Gaming, LLC. Started by a group of experienced Roleplayers with 12 years of Roleplay experience on San Andreas Multiplayer in 2016, we decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things, And what could be better than San Andreas in HD? Grab your coke and snacks, download the FiveM client and hop into the game for one of the most enjoyable roleplay experiences of your life! If relaxed roleplay is more your style, then check out our public community here!

Style of Play

Limitless Roleplay is a Department of Justice style Roleplay server. You pick your own destiny. Want to live a life of crime? No problem, we've got gangs such as the cartel you can join. Don't fancy being a part of groups? Go at it on your own, smuggle drugs, pimp out yourself a few whores! We've also got Law Enforcement, EMS, and other departments for those looking to serve and protect the citizens of San Andreas. Are you a peaceful kind of guy? Well we've got you covered there. We've got several legal jobs out there you can do, you can become a truck driver, restock the fuel at gas stations around San Andreas. Mine for precious metals and rocks, drive a taxi and much much more!